Painting Explanation: Flooded

Thoughts behind the creation of my original painting Flooded.

Flooded, 2016

The waters begin to rise.  You panic.  You rush around, trying to stop it.  You pray, you plead, you fear.  But they continue to rise.  And rise.  And rise some more.  Until you can struggle against it no more.  It is happening whether you like it or not. And finally you slow down in exhaustion and acceptance, and you breathe.  You peacefully remember that your head is still above water, and you can still breathe.  And that is a blessing.  

Sooner or later, the waters will recede.  Your life might be unrecognizable from where it was before, but does it matter? You are still in there.  And once the waters drain, you will be able to see, if only a little at a time, what you should do next.

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