Glimpses from the Other Side

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work from my good friend Wayco Beckman’s photography for many years. Over the years, many pieces have sold and gone to new homes. But this year, we were able to gather enough together to create a unique art show that combined Wayco’s photos with the paintings they inspired. The result was a very unique art experience: viewing the beautiful photography side by side with the paintings, as well as a backstory with each exotic photo.

Through his work, Wayco has the opportunity to travel to places many of us could only ever dream of visiting. He takes his camera on his journeys, and has an impeccable eye for catching scenes that are both enchanting and transporting.

I’ve had the joy of getting to be inspired by his photos, and i’m always suprised at how the feel of his photo also gets translated into my paintings, even though I do not know the backstory until after i’ve painted it. It’s true inspiration/muse magic if i’ve ever seen it!

We had a great reception and I was very grateful to all those who came out and shared their thoughts and comments with me. The show itself is displaying 10 years of work for me, a true passion project. I will continue to work from his photos for as long as he will let me- in fact my two recent paintings are both from his photos.

Many far and away expressed interest in sharing the experience. While I will always stress that viewing artwork online is no where near the experience of viewing it in person, I understand that is not always possible!

Without further ado, I give you the online version of our show!

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