Feeling Surreal

I’ve been working out some thoughts on canvas over the past few weeks, that have turned out especially dreamlike and surreal. Here they are, with my brief thoughts and explanations:

(Up) Rooted

Do you ever feel untethered yet secure at the same time? This image came to my mind after viewing pictures from the horrible land hurricane that came through Iowa this week just north of where I live. There is a picture of a little girl sitting on an uprooted tree in her yard, leaning against the roots, peacefully reading her book. To feel security in uncertainty is a wonderful paradox and I can relate.

(Up) Rooted, 8 x 16


Landmines. Pitfalls. Open wounds. Old scars.

This piece is about the road of some of our relationships and how we must navigate to sustain them and carry on with hope for a peaceful future.

Pitfalls, 18 x 24

Beneath the Pitfalls

A view of what it looks like underneath the street full of pitfalls. It’s actually not too bad under there.

Beneath the Pitfalls, 12 x 24
Pitfalls and Beneath the Pitfalls. Pitfalls is 18 x 24, Beneath the Pitfalls is 12 x 24.

Illusion of Control

The illusion of control. This year has called it to the forefront for pretty much everyone at once. At times I feel like time is just clipping on and we are along for the wild ride, despite the boxes we try to contain it in. We are a small part of the bigger picture, but that doesn’t diminish the magnitude of how things look from where we are.

Illusion of Control, 16 x 20

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