Painting Some Well Loved Faces

I challenged myself with painting my sons’ favorite stuffed animals as gifts– it didn’t stop there!

Few things are as deeply treasured, passionately cared for, and fervently sought after as a child’s favorite lovey or stuffed animal. I say lovey because it’s not always an animal. Kids latch on to many different types of things that become their “special one”. Blankies, dolls, an action figure, or stuffed creature of some type. They all have two features in common: bringing comfort and sparking something that seems endless in the child’s imagination.

I had the idea to paint my two son’s favorite stuffed animals because they have become so deeply attached to them in the last year. Especailly during the shut-down of their school. They became another family member in our house. It was more than just comfort- the kids were having adventures with their animals, telling them secrets, playing hide and seek, and taking them everywhere with them. They weren’t going many places, so the “everywhere” included the back yard, up trees, on the swings, on scooter rides and so much more. It was like I was watching Calvin and Hobbes in real life. I began with wanting to paint just the two animals as gifts, but soon I was inspired to do mine and my husband’s childhood favorites too. I hope you enjoy reading a little about each animal’s personality that is contained in these lovable little bodies.

Tiggie a.k.a. Hobbes

It is no surprise that I would make a connection to Calvin and Hobbes when oldest son really latched on to this tiger. He was a gift to him at birth, but didn’t become a prominent figure in our house until the last year or two. Originally named Tiggie, he was renamed after my son fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes comic books. Over the shut-down, my son who had struggled with reading spent hours upon hours reading Calvin and Hobbes- and came out at the end at the top of his class for reading skills. (Thank you Bill Watterson!!!)

Tiggie is a reading buddy, gets carried around and tossed in the air by his tail, hides regularly right at bed time, climbs trees, and rides swings in the back of his boy’s t-shirt. He is rugged, sassy, adventurous, and a very loyal confidant.


Ruff Ruff is a puppet basset hound that is deeply loved by my youngest son. A gift at birth, he has his own homemade cardboard dog house and dog dishes. My son who loves and cherishes all of his many stuffed animals, always makes sure Ruff Ruff is a main feature in whatever he’s doing.

Ruff Ruff gets treats, does intricate tricks, and has birthday parties. He rides to school with us everyday so he can wave bye to his boy. There have been many earnest prayers sent up at bedtime along the lines of “Please God, let Ruff Ruff become a REAL DOG!”

Stay Puft

Stay Puft is my husband’s favorite childhood lovey. Stored lovingly in pristine condition, if you’ve met my husband, you’re not surprised his favorite is from Ghostbusters. Nils had a written schedule for rotating time with his toys evenly. Stay Puft is just as lovable as my awesomely nerdy husband. Thanks to him, my kids are experts at Ghostbusters, He-man, G.I. Joe and Star Wars of course. He loves everything 80s, VHS, and sci-fi. And he takes excellent care if his toys, which is why we are not surprised that his lovey looks better than any of the rest, even though it is over 30 years old.

Stay Puft enjoys terrorizing the Ghostbusters in New York City, aka my husband’s childhood bedroom floor. Other than that, he’s a pretty lovable and snuggly guy. Look at him, he just wants to hug you- when it’s his turn on the schedule of course.


This is my Rosie. She was made by and named after my Grammy, Rosemary. She was a woman who loved God deeply, and an expert knitter and crocheter. As a child I loved the 80s cartoon/character Strawberry Shortcake. So my creative Grammy made me a Strawberry Shortcake from her yarn stash. She’s mainly knitted, but her hat and shoes are crocheted. Made with lots of love and care, Rosie has with stood the test a child’s love can give: lots of snuggles, traveling, and of course trips in the washing machine.

She went everywhere with me, even to college. I couldn’t bear for her to get lonely or worried about me. Even now, she rests in my pajama drawer in my dresser, and every once in a while she gets a real hug from me. She’s extra special because I also love to crochet, just like my Grammy.

Appearing here with more color in her yarn, and a few more strands of hair- but a prominent feature in my adventures (along with my brother) from early on.

Rosie is a constant and loyal friend, good listener, and great hugger. A caring face, gentle hands, a bold red dress and striped socks make her the perfect best friend for a creative and sassy little girl.

In a way, this is like looking at family portraits. I can’t help but think about Toy Story- those movies really nailed how toys capture children’s imaginations. I loved making these, and maybe these paintings will make it easier for my sons to carry their childhood with them into adulthood. Personally, I can’t wait to hang mine up!

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