Watercolor Conversation Hearts Step by Step

The iconic Valentine’s Day Candies- in art form! Enjoy these step by step instructions to create a sweet treat for yourself or your valentine.

Materials needed for this project:

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Tip: Get started by gathering all your supplies and setting up a little workspace. This will help you have a more relaxing time while creating!

Step 1: Fold one sheet in half and draw half a heart on the fold. Conversation hearts are wide with rounded edges. Look at a picture for inspiration!

Step 2: Cut out the heart and unfold it. This is your stencil or template piece.

Step 3: Trace the heart on your other sheet of paper. Go towards the corner so you have plenty of room to draw more hearts on your sheet.

Step 4: After you trace the first heart, slide your template slightly to the right, keeping it lined up on the top and bottom. About 1/4″ is enough to move it to the side.

Step 5: Trace only the right-hand sides of the heart to create the 3-D effect. Don’t forget the top of the heart that peeks out.

Step 6: Connect your lines and refine/erase extra marks so you have a drawing of a 3-D heart.

Step 7: Repeat to fill up your page with as many 3-D hearts as you can!

Step 8: Outline your pencil lines with a Micron Pen. I used size 08. Then erase all your pencil marks carefully.

Step 9: Paint your hearts using a light wash of pastel shades of watercolor. Fill in all parts of the heart.

Step 10: Paint in the dimensional sides of the heart with an Arteza Brush Pen of the same color as your wash. This will act as shading and make your heart look dimensional. Paint the dimensional shape on the right-hand side and the park peeking out at the top.

If you do not have the brush pens, you can use a water based marker (like Crayola markers) or paint another darker layer of your watercolors paints.

Step 11: I used my Prismacolor Dual Tip Markers to add the wording. Look up ideas on the web, or make up your own. Conversation hearts have all caps, blocky text. Use wording you see, or make up your own message. You can use your Crayola markers if you do not have these same ones. ( I recommend using a marker for this step, as fine lettering with a brush takes a lot of practice for even a seasoned artist!) Use the same color as the heart!

Step 12: Outline the hearts with black and cut them out!

Repeat and make as many as you need to spread a sweet valentine treat around your world as needed. These would make a cute banner for a classroom party or home decoration. Have fun making personalized messages for your friends and family.

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