Bob Ross Inspired Mini Art

I’ve always loved Bob Ross, I mean, who doesn’t love him?   I loved watching The Joy of Painting as a kid, and even now.  Bob was and is so encouraging and inspiring- he made everyone feel as if they could paint- and I believe in that philosophy too.  When I began my journey into oil painting, I loved his philosophy but I didn’t want to paint in that particular style.  My brother had one of his instructional kits at the time- so although I didn’t follow his techniques, I definitely used the paints and supplies that came with the kit.

One of the great things about art is you can always keep changing and learning.  I love learning new techniques now- especially because it helps me with my students who take private art lessons.  I don’t want to teach them how to be exactly like me- it’s important that they learn how to paint the way they want to paint.  One student in particular, Casey, has been with me for almost 5 years.  I’ve seen her really grow into her own artist, and she loves Bob Ross.  She likes the style, but manages to put her own spin on it.  So for Casey, I purchased some “Joy of Painting” books and started learning more about Bob’s techniques, textures and brush strokes.  It really opened up a whole world to me because Bob is a wet on wet painter just like me- but in a completely different style.

This lead me to my summer project: creating several (my goal is 20) mini oil paintings following the Bob Ross style and techniques.  I’ve been following instructional material from a few of his books, and I even got my hands on some of Bob’s famous “liquid white”.  I’ve really enjoyed broadening my horizons and have learned a lot.  Bob loves the fan brush which I usually try to avoid at all costs.  Doing his techniques on a tiny scale has required a lot of adjustments on my end- and I know I wouldn’t of had the skill to do this 10 years ago.  I also invested in some teeny tiny brushes, including the cutest little fan brush you’ve even seen!

Teeny tiny brushes

I’ve got 9 done and hope to continue more for the rest of the summer and fall.  Enjoy looking at them all, and I will add more as I create them.


Isn’t this tiny fan brush just so adorable?
1 through 8 mini Bob Ross inspired oil paintings by Annie Guldberg
#1 Graceful Mountain by Annie Guldberg
#2 Essence of the Sea by Annie Guldberg
#3 Golden Knoll by Annie Guldberg
#4 Mountain Reflections by Annie Guldberg
#5 Secluded Lake By Annie Guldberg
#6 Secluded Beach by Annie Guldberg
#7 Mountain River by Annie Guldberg
#8 Daisy Delight by Annie Guldberg
#9 Winter Trees mini Bob Ross inspired oil painting by Annie Guldberg

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