The Magical Forest Mural

I was pleased to create a second mural for the kids at the New London Community Childcare Center in New London, IA. The theme of this mural was a magical or enchanted forest, again with lots of surprises for the kids to find. After completing the Happy Farm, the director and I worked on 20 add ins to my original hand-painted mock up. My son Conan contributed many creative ideas, and my amazing husband Nils used his graphic skills to add my drawings to scale to my mock up, which made the first step of projecting the image on the wall much easier. (This is why you see black and white drawings imposed over a painted background for my mock up. The white items are the hand-drawn add ins)

The mural is 8′ x 24′, 272 square feet. It took 65 total working hours to complete over 51 actual hours during a span of 8 days. (This is because at times I had Nils or my amazing assistant Ella working with me.) As an extra bonus, my son Conan got to help me paint a little too. Thorsen and my mom supported our efforts by bringing us M&Ms during a particularly long painting day. I must always mention the amount of background support I receive from my family- particularly my husband and my mom- which allow me to spend these hours on this type of work. I really enjoyed working on this large scale, and I am very proud at how this whimsical mural turned out!

If you would like to see more about murals, check out my Happy Farm Mural or more of my large format projects.

Enjoy some photos and a video of the creation process below:

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