Annie’s Gift Guide 2023

It’s that time of year! Here is my list of 23 art related gift ideas for 2023. It includes my top loved and used art supplies by my amazing art students- because, what do all artists want, no matter the age?? Art supplies!! I’ve also include my top gift-able items from my shop. Enjoy!

Art Supply Recommendations:

1. Posca Paint Markers!

Hands down favorite and my top pick for 2023 (2nd year in a row!) . These are delightful to use on so many surfaces, and loved by students of all ages. Accept no substitutes! There is a delicious set of 29 colors if you feel like splurging, a few sets of 8, or If you just want a few, a medium tip black and white can do wonders too!

2. Micron Pens

Micron black pens are great for drawing, outlining and they don’t smudge when you paint over them.

3. Carrying case for all the pens/markers

I have this 72-piece holder from Arteza and it’s just wonderful. It has a strap for easy travel, and folds up easily for storage. This case hold the above mentioned Poscas or Microns, but will also hold alcohol markers, pencils and more as long as they are not the super long type.

4. Wood Rounds

A wonderful surface to make the imagination grow! I see so many people try to make their own- which is great too- if you can let them dry and sand them well. Personally, I prefer these from Arteza.

5. Mini Canvas with Easels

Another interesting surface that is just fun. The little easels make them great to use as art gifts to friends and family too.

6. Prang Semi-Moist Watercolors

This is a very affordable brand that gives great results! Bonus for those who are my students- if you buy the oval shape pan I have refils for you!!

7. Brushes

These Mermaid brushes are so pretty and you can use these with acrylics or watercolors. A great variety of shapes and these hold up well in addition to being affordable.

8. Table Top Easel

This table top easel from Arteza is great because it doesn’t take up much space, it has storage, and it folds up to be portable. Take it outside on the picnic table or on the car trip!

9. Prismacolor Pencils

These are the only kind of colored pencils I recommend! They are a soft, blend-able lead that is wonderful to work with. Unfortunately, i’ve seen students experience frustration using other brands that are less expensive and/or have hard, unblend-able lead. If you’re looking to get them a supply they will use and get great results, just go for the Prismacolors.

10. Electric Pencil Sharpener

Using colored pencils requires a lot of sharpening! I finally treated myself to an electric sharpening that I get out when using colored pencils. It makes it very easy and fast to keep your pencils sharpened!

11. Mixed Media Paper

You can use this for all the media mentioned in this post! Watercolors, drawing, pens, markers, and acrylic paint. Great multi use paper for most work!

12. Arteza Real Brush Pens

These are just like watercolor paints, but they are in a pen with a paintbrush tip. I love using them myself, and have seen students of all ages thrive with them. Blendable, and just wonderful to use.

13. Canvas

Of course you can pick any size, and canvas panels are great too. If you have a painter that you’re buying for- well, painters can never have enough canvas!

14. Metallic Acrylic Paints

Metallic paints are fun because they are beyond the basics. Something with a little sparkle never hurt anyone! Great gift because it’s something they may not splurge on for themselves.

15. Art Bin storage case

There are lots of sizes of art supply cases out there- I picked this one because it also fits the sketchbooks too. Plus you can use the top as a drawing table while in the car/traveling.

16. Masking Tape!

A necessary tool! Frog tape is my favorite type of tape- great seal with little to no tearing when removed.

Giftables from my shop!

I can’t create this list with out a shout out to all of my giftables! I have many gift sized items in my own shop, and I can’t make a gift list without some of my favorites. The gift of original art is also great, plus you have the joy of giving a one-of-a-kind item.

17. Puzzles!

Featuring prints of my original artwork, art puzzles are a great gift.

18. For Bob Ross fans: Mini Bob Style Art!

19. Hand-Painted Wood Rounds and Rocks!

20. Non-wall art: Art hats and Birdhouses!

21. Ornaments and magnets!

22. Mini-Art with a little Easel!

23. Custom Pet Portrait!

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