If you like my style of work and would like to commission a piece, please contact me at Below are types of commissions i’ve done recently, but please feel free to bring me your ideas! I would love to consider new subjects and customized artwork for you.

Please keep in mind for commissioned works that partial or full payment will be required before work can begin. A minimum of 2 weeks is required to complete works and includes drying time. Pieces created with thicker, swirling or textured paint may take up to 1 month to be dry enough to ship or deliver.

Painting from your photos

I’d love to consider your requests. It is very helpful if you have other paintings of mine that you like the style of as a reference. Email me at to get the conversation started on sizes and pricing. Pricing is generally the same based on sizes you might find in my shop.

Well Loved

Unique paintings created from images of your childhood stuffed animal or special lovey. Click here to see more.

Pet Portraits

Allow me to create an original oil painting of your pet. Most common sizes are 8 x 10 or 9 x 12. Both are oils on panel and include a neutral wood frame.

Previously Completed Commissioned Works