Her Flag 2020 Iowa Stripe

I have been chosen to represent Iowa in a national collaborative arts project called Her Flag 2020.  There will be a ceremony in Des Moines, IA on August 24th (time and location TBD) where the artist Marilyn Artus will sew the Iowa stripe onto the 18’x 26′ American Flag inspired art piece.  This is an amazing project and I encourage you to read more about it at HerFlag.com!

Iowa Stripe for Her Flag 2020 By Annie Swarm Guldberg
Iowa Stripe for Her Flag 2020 By Annie Swarm Guldberg

Statement for the Iowa Stripe

The Iowa stripe is inspired by the great heritage laid down for me and all women, as well as all Americans, by the women of the suffrage movement. They were looking ahead of them, to the future generations and the country as a whole that would benefit from their difficult work.

The sash throughout the piece is inspired by the sashes worn by the suffragettes, and the stripe is being held up and pulled forward continuously by strong hands.  The first portion contains “Votes for Women” which is the slogan used on the original sashes.  The second portion is a quote that inspired the theme of forward movement by Carry Chapman Catt: “Progress is calling on you to make no pause.  Act.”  The third is first names of Iowan suffragettes: Augusta Chapin, Mary Darwin, Arabella “Belle” Mansfield, Mary Newbury,  Annie Savery, and Amelia Bloomer.  The last portion is the Iowa state motto:  “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”  The word Iowa is above the sash with the date that Iowans voted “yes” to ratify the 19th Amendment:  July 2, 1919.

To read more about Her Flag or to donate to support the project, please visit HerFlag.com