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Marvelous and Minutia Show

This last week I got to install and then have the opening reception for my show, Marvelous and Minutia.  This line of work focuses on the extravagent beauty that surrounds us- whether big or small.  If you are gazing at a vast sunset sky, looking down from a mountain peak, or looking at the intricate detail in a single flower in your own garden- we are spoiled with beauty all around us.  Enjoy this video showcase of the gallery show and reception.

Earthly Dreams and Tactile Skies Virtual Gallery Show

Everyday for the month of June, I will share here an image and explanation for each of the 30 pieces in my show, Earthly Dreams and Tactile Skies that was shown at the Art Center of Burlington in May. I hope you enjoy it and come back each day to see the new piece! Pieces will be posted by 10am each day. I’d love to hear your comments below on which ones are your favorite. Enjoy!

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Glimpses from the Other Side

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work from my good friend Wayco Beckman’s photography for many years. Over the years, many pieces have sold and gone to new homes. But this year, we were able to gather enough together to create a unique art show that combined Wayco’s photos with the paintings they inspired. The result was a very unique art experience: viewing the beautiful photography side by side with the paintings, as well as a backstory with each exotic photo.

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