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Dance of the Sunflowers

These are called the “Dance of the Sunflowers” numbers 1 and 2. Named because I can really just feel the joy coming out of these happy flowers, and really feel and see the movement as they dance in the breeze from high uptop their stems.  Sunflowers are so fun and interesting to grow- every stage is exciting.  I love planting them in my yard if I can keep the squirrels from digging them up and the deer from munching them down- they are very entertaining to watch grow and bloom.

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Painting Some Well Loved Faces

I challenged myself with painting my sons’ favorite stuffed animals as gifts– it didn’t stop there!

Few things are as deeply treasured, passionately cared for, and fervently sought after as a child’s favorite lovey or stuffed animal. I say lovey because it’s not always an animal. Kids latch on to many different types of things that become their “special one”. Blankies, dolls, an action figure, or stuffed creature of some type. They all have two features in common: bringing comfort and sparking something that seems endless in the child’s imagination.

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Earthly Dreams and Tactile Skies Virtual Gallery Show

Everyday for the month of June, I will share here an image and explanation for each of the 30 pieces in my show, Earthly Dreams and Tactile Skies that was shown at the Art Center of Burlington in May. I hope you enjoy it and come back each day to see the new piece! Pieces will be posted by 10am each day. I’d love to hear your comments below on which ones are your favorite. Enjoy!

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Kismet and Profusion Of Choices, 2019

Painting Explanation: Kismet and Profusion (Of Choices)

Kismet is another word for destiny- which is depicted here by the warm sky, turning to a dark red swirling center. All of our lives have a certain destiny- ever evolving and changing. It is always before us in the distance- at times ominous, other times hopeful- but always inevitable. Our lives will happen and end and this is inescapable.

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