Custom Stuffed Animal Portrait


This is a custom oil painting of your favorite stuffed animal or lovey. Created from your pictures, this is hand painted in oils on 8 x 10″  high quality panel (Ampersand Gessobord) and framed in a neutral wood frame with a 1.5″ Depth. The oil painting is also varnished for protection, stability and longevity. This is a great way for kids to be able to carry their special stuffed animal with them to adulthood, or for adults to remember their special toy and childhood forever. Painted in vibrant oils, these paintings bring new life to these well loved little bodies, and radiate the innocence and simplicity of childhood. See notes on timing and photo requirements below.


Timing: Plan approximately 2 weeks from when your photos are approved for creation. It will then be shipped as soon as it is dry enough to do so.

Photos: your photos are essential to this process and photos must be approved. If photos do not meet guidelines, commission will not be accepted and refund will be issued.

Photo requirements:

– Please take your photos in natural light (no night-time, lamp-lit, blurry or shadowed pictures please).
– Place your stuffed animal on a neutral colored background, use a solid colored gray, white or light colored sheet or blanket.
– Pose your stuffed animal how you would like it painted. Take a moment to adjust it’s feet or paws, straighten it’s clothes out, fluff it’s hair or whiskers etc.
– Take your picture on the same level as your stuffed animal, get down eye to eye with it. Photos from far away or taken from above will not work.
– Make sure your stuffed animal is the only creature in the photo. I cannot work with it if I cannot see all sides of the stuffed animal- in other words, remove it from the pile of stuffed animals on your bed etc.

After you have placed your order, please email your images to: