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Marvelous and Minutia Show

This last week I got to install and then have the opening reception for my show, Marvelous and Minutia.  This line of work focuses on the extravagent beauty that surrounds us- whether big or small.  If you are gazing at a vast sunset sky, looking down from a mountain peak, or looking at the intricate detail in a single flower in your own garden- we are spoiled with beauty all around us.  Enjoy this video showcase of the gallery show and reception.

Bob Ross Inspired Mini Art

I’ve always loved Bob Ross, I mean, who doesn’t love him?   I loved watching The Joy of Painting as a kid, and even now.  Bob was and is so encouraging and inspiring- he made everyone feel as if they could paint- and I believe in that philosophy too.  When I began my journey into oil painting, I loved his philosophy but I didn’t want to paint in that particular style.  My brother had one of his instructional kits at the time- so although I didn’t follow his techniques, I definitely used the paints and supplies that came with the kit.

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Kismet and Profusion Of Choices, 2019

Painting Explanation: Kismet and Profusion (Of Choices)

Kismet is another word for destiny- which is depicted here by the warm sky, turning to a dark red swirling center. All of our lives have a certain destiny- ever evolving and changing. It is always before us in the distance- at times ominous, other times hopeful- but always inevitable. Our lives will happen and end and this is inescapable.

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Powers of Recall by Annie Swarm Guldberg

Painting Explanation: Powers of Recall

Our histories, memories and experiences are all woven together to the fabric that colors and guides our decisions, days and futures.   They all touch other memories, connect, blend and effect each other.  One thing leads to another, leads to another.  They all come together and make us who we are, waking, sleeping and decision making.  Speaking, praying and thinking to ourselves in those quiet times.  The joys and the tragedies are all there, whether conscious and clear, or mostly forgotten and hazy.  Each one is our own personal heritage and powerfully guides us as we continue on.

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The Mountain Pass by Annie Swarm Guldberg

Painting Explanation: The Mountain Pass

This painting is called The Mountain Pass and is inspired by the always stellar photography of my friend Wayco Beckman.   I have been inspired by Wayco’s photography over and over again through the years, so much so that we are planning a joint show of his photos and my paintings this summer.  

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